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  Thursday, 02 February 2023
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Dear Sir/Madam
I am facing the problem of splitting the text.
Pic 01 shows the Data in the Website that I want to paste it in Excel.
Pic 02 shows the result of pasting the Data in Excel.

The problem is How should I split the Text at the Green Line Marking or the Green Dots (separation between Small Case Letter and the Capital Case Letter OR. and the Capital Case Letter.) Do provide me with a solution for it.

It will be appreciable if you can provide a solution for coping the table in the website (that may run out of the screen as well as extend in page-tab to be directly converted into Excel Table with no loss of Data.

For your kind Perusal, I am sending you the Excel File for the splitting of Data in Yellow Shaded Column into Company Name and Industry. Please help me with it.
I have also sent you the Photo of the Website Data, when selected and pasted into Excel, turns out into the same font and format without any introduction of special characters as in the excel file.

Waiting for the solution....

Thanking You & Oblige

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